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Jonathan Groff is an actor, born in 1985 in Pennsylvania. He became famous in 2006 when he landed the main role in musical Spring … Eye Color: Blue …


Height, 5 ft 11 in ; Weight, 70 kg ; Date of Birth, March 26, 1985 ; Zodiac Sign, Aries ; Eye Color, Green …


Jonathan Drew Groff born March 26, 1985 is an American actor and singer known for his performances on stage, screen, and television.


Eye Color: Green Sexual Orientation: Gay. Jonathan Groff Body Statistics: Weight in Pounds: 154 lbs. Weight in Kilogram: 70 kg. Height in Feet: 5′ 11″


Height of Groff is 5 ft and 11 inches or 180 cm whereas, his weight is about 70 kg or 154 lbs. Similarly, the hair color of Groff is dark brown and the eye …


Jonathan Groff Height Weight Body Stats Age Family Facts – Jonathan Groff is an American … Sexuality : Gay; Eye Color :Green; Hair Color : Dark Brown.


9 thg 3, 2021 … Jonathan Groff was born on 26 March 1985 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. … Weight: 154 lb; Hair Color: Dark Brown; Eye Color: Green.


Jonathan Groff. Jonathan Drew Groff, born March 26, 1985, is an actor and singer. He is known for the originated role as Melchior Gabor …


2022 Body stats ; Jonathan Groff weight. Not available ; Jonathan Groff height. 5′ 11″ 180 cm ; Jonathan Groff eye color. Blue ; Jonathan Groff hair color. Light …


James on Glee where his blue eyes and blonde locks first got gay hearts fluttering. Groff is a total theatre kid: at the age of 22, he received a Tony Award …


25 thg 11, 2021 … On talking about his body measurements, Jonathan has a height of 5 feet 11 inches. Additionally, he weighs is 70Kg. Jonathan’s hair color is …


Top 10 news about Jonathan Groff Eyes of the week. These links are top viewest webpages on google search engine of the week. Please, Click each link to see more. 


Total Eclipse Of The Heart Glee Cast Version featuring Jonathan Groff Turn around Every now … Turn around bright eyes, every now and then I fall apart


EPISODE 260 TRANSCRIPT: JONATHAN GROFF PART 3 … Part Three with Jonathan Groff. … eye role would inhibit me from trying something new, or.


This is a major achievement, considering he died at the end of the last movie. Of course, there’s more than meets the eye here as Anderson …


6 thg 12, 2021 … See Jonathan Groff in New Matrix Trailer The trailer has arrived for Th. … smile and an eye on the bottom line—everything Anderson is not.


Jonathan Groff talks about his two seasons’ worth of work on David … Wide-eyed with an almost perpetual grin, his is a mug you wouldn’t be …


16 thg 2, 2014 … Jonathan Groff had his New York concert debut at the Allen Room as … apple-cheeked farm boy with a grin on his face, stars in his eyes, …


23 thg 7, 2020 … The theater is about capturing something authentic right in front of your eyes. Jonathan Groff certainly isn’t the first Broadway actor to …


Jonathan Groff Thought He Peed Himself During His ‘Matrix: Resurrections’ Fight Scene. Joe Anderton. December 23, 2021 ·2 min read.


7 thg 7, 2020 … Here’s what to know about actor Jonathan Groff, who plays King George in … One of the reasons viewers can’t take their eyes off Groff in …


31 thg 10, 2017 … It doesn’t take a special agent to see that Jonathan Groff is one insanely attractive … Feast your eyes on his hottest moments ahead.


Total Eclipse Of The Heart Glee Cast Version featuring Jonathan Groff-歌詞- Turnaround, … And then I see the look in your eyes. Turnaround bright eyes,

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